Sometimes you just have to start!



I have learned so much working with Alli Brydon, a children’s picture book consultant who helped me with my current 240 word picture book called CALAMITY WAYNE. She was able to help me get the picture book ready to submit, thank you Alli!

CALAMITY WAYNE description:

“Signing up for a farm talent show is easy. Figuring out what to perform? Udderly difficult for a cow named Calamity Wayne. While searching for his talent, hilarious cow-tastrophies occur, eventually inspiring Calamity Wayne discover his true ability to entertain.”

Semadar Megged is a wonderful consultant!


I just finished a consulting project with Semadar, specifically a picture book dummy and found it extremely helpful. Semadar was quick to respond to my questions, delivered notes at the agreed upon time and was concise during our Skype discussions. The quality of feedback was second to none, her sense of design and pacing is impeccable. I am a visual learner and Semadar speaks this language fluidly with concrete examples such as rearranging my dummy and redesigning some of my images so that I could see the improvements in the compositions. I believe she took my project to a whole new level and I am looking forward to sending it out to agents and publishers. I also plan to work with her again on my next picture book project.
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